Wednesday, October 13, 2010

4 miles easy + 10.5 miles w/ 7.5 @ tempo pace

AM: 4 miles, easy pace.  Wonderful weather, mid 50's.  I felt 100% during this run.  The first step to recovery from soreness is feeling good at easy pace.  I ran myself to the edge on Sunday, but got pulled back by my recovery abilities.

PM: 10.5 miles total, 7.5 @ tempo pace.  Also wonderful weather, low 60s with the sun setting over the horizon in Druid Hill Park.  Good thing too, because the sun was blinding on my first loop...  My splits were slower than they were last week (1.5 mile splits):

8:38; 8:14; 8:20; 8:39; 8:43;  42:34 overall, 5:41/mile pace.

Last time I held 8:20 or better for the middle 3 before slowing a bit.  This week laps 4 and 5 were slower.  I was feeling it pretty badly on the second and third lap.  It took a lot just to stop the bleeding and stay consistent over the last two.  I think a poorly timed last minute powerbar helped sabatoge me a bit.

Though I struggled a bit and felt a bit tired, my legs were strong.  All of that specific, directed upper left leg pain is essentially gone, which is a BIG relief.  I hate targeted reproducible pain, because it can suggest injury.  I have some dull general soreness, but overall I'm doing decently in this, the middle of my peak month.

3 days until I run the Baltimore Marathon as a pacer!

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