Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wed: 4 + 8 miles Thurs: 7.5 mile Tempo Run


AM: 4 miles, easy pace, steady rain.  Felt great.

PM: 8 miles, moderate pace, 70s, humid.  So much for fall weather...  I felt a bit tired for most of the run, though it was probably more because of stress from work than running related.  Regardless, no matter how terrible I feel during these un-timed runs, I always finish them these days.  No matter how bad I feel early, it usually gets a little better during the second half of the run.


10 miles total...7.5 miles @ tempo pace...5:43/mile, 42:54 overall,  in Druid Hill Park @ Sunset

This was the workout that did me in last week.  I had been fighting to stay alive all week and this one almost killed me.  Going into this week, I was determined to get through it no matter what.  I wasn't looking forward to it, that's for sure.  Splits (1.5 miles):

9:01; 8:26; 8:21; 8:30; 8:35

I was glad I ran the first lap a bit slower, just as extra insurance to avoid blowing up before the end.  Overall, I hit my times, and it felt a lot easier to hold the pace than it did last week.  I wasn't fighting myself to hold on, but instead just let it rip.

I touched the edge of the abyss last week, but seem to have brought myself back.  I originally cut 5 miles out of this week by not running this morning, but I may add that back on Saturday since I'm feeling pretty good.  This time last week I was thinking about cutting out 15 miles.  It's amazing what a well timed day off can do.

With this run, I have surpassed 300 miles for the month, a first.  Hopefully, sometime next year I can hit 400, then we'll be talking!  Just one more 22 miler to go this weekend.  Then after 4 consecutive weeks of 22+ mile long runs, I will have nothing over 13 miles next week, then just an 18 and a 15 before the one that matters!

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