Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday: 7 miles, snow, snow, wind, snow, and lightning?

Today probably wasn't one of my better judgement calls.  Despite being in the middle of a winter storm warning, with snow falling at a rate of an inch an hour with gusting winds and lots of snow already on the ground, I decided to go out for 7 miles rather than use a treadmill.

Tells you how much I loathe treadmillls.  I didn't even bother to time the run.  When I actually had a chance to run in the roads and stick to tire tracks, I could actually hit my normal stride and pace.  However, about half the run was done trudging through ankle deep snow which certainly made for a good workout.

Additionally, anytime I ran northbound, the wind would blow all that snow and ice into my face, making me feel like I was running through a hail of pebbles.  Of course, I also had to avoid cars and jump off the stable footing of the roads and onto ankle deep snow on sidewalks.  With the general incompetence of drivers in snow, I certainly was not taking any chances!

I got some strange looks, some words of encouragement, made better time than two cars driving (or skidding) up Eutaw Place and even almost got struck by lightning, twice.  There were 4 lightning strikes on my run two of which seemed to flash directly in front of me.  Both times, I was completely blinded by a flash of blue light only to have thunder crash overhead a moment later.  I could almost feel the air popping with the clashes of thunder.

I guess Nature had it in for me today.  Too bad she failed to strike me down!!!

I may have to push off tomorrow's speedwork to Friday so I can try and find some clear pavement.  10mph treadmills are just too slow for that...



  1. Nice to know I wasn't the only lunatic out in that mess. The thunder was kinda neat, though I didn't have nearly the close encounter you did. Worst I had was an off-leash dog decided to give chase, but he slipped on some slush and gave up. Good luck find anywhere clear enough to run fast!

  2. It has become very difficult for me to find people who understand why I do these things. Even most of my running friends think I'm out of my mind. So I'll take any understanding person I can get!