Thursday, February 10, 2011

80+ MPW Week Sustainable??? Thursday: 11.5 miles with 6 @ tempo

I'm really starting to feel sharp now.  I can feel my racing edge returning, the same edge that got me my half marathon, 10K, 15K and marathon PRs back in September and November.  It only takes a couple shorts weeks to lose race readiness, and a long time to get it back!

When I hit my first 80+ mile week 2.5 weeks ago, I was holding on for dear life.  The next 80+ week was pure torture for about half my runs.  Now this week has become quite manageable.  That was my plan all along, to hit a high level and stay there until it became "easy."

Come March, I'll push over 90 and see what happens.  But, first things first, I've got another 5K coming up this Saturday.  I won't be doing a long run the day before it, and I feel 10 times better this week than I did last week.  My goal this time: don't fade over the last mile!!

Splits for today's run (1.5 miles each), continuous tempo run (no breaks):

8:24; 8:19: 8:14; 8:27...33:24 overall....~5:35/mile pace.  Tempo runs are easier on flat courses!

I don't want to see a mile split in my 5K that is tempo pace.  My 5K legs might suck, but still...I can run 3 consecutive miles faster than 5:30 pace, I know it!!


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  1. That's basically the approach I like to take when adding volume. ~3-4 weeks at a given mileage range. The first week is always tougher, after 3 it feels "normal" again. I find that I'm much more successful building that way than adding smaller increments every week.

    Nice tempo too. Based on past results, it seems like you'll have some company around you on Saturday. That should help with the finishing stretch. Good luck!