Thursday, February 3, 2011

Outrunning Demons...Thursday: 9 miles (8x800meter)

Tuesday was tough, Wednesday felt a little better, and today I rocked my workout.  I've bounced back real strong from the pits of despair.  I ended up doing this run in Patterson park on a flat 0.5 mile paved section.  Though not as good as doing it on a track, I still got what I needed from the workout.

Splits: 2:39; 2:30; 2:29; 2:33; 2:35; 2:34; 2:34; 2:37

A bit more erratic that what I usually put up, but this wasn't on a track.  That 2:29 certainly came out of no where.  I was dreading my 5K race coming up this weekend, but now I'm looking forward to it.  Time to rock out another 5K, and hopefully go sub-17 for the second time in a row!

RUN MORE...and outrun self doubt!!


  1. Running in my hood! Solid work man. I'm glad the park's clear enough for running so I can just run from my apartment instead of traipsing to the Y. Good luck in that 5k!

  2. I'm not really sure why it's clear. It looks like they actually plowed it, but hey, I'm not complaining! We need one more good rain storm or a couple of warm days to clear off some of the tracks around here.

  3. Exactly! I definitely saw a plow near that big statue one day last week so I'm not surprised. As far as I can tell the Hopkins track across from the 33rd Street Y has at least one or two lanes that look pretty clear. I haven't run on it but I checked it out when I went to the gym on Tuesday. Might be worth a look.