Saturday, February 5, 2011

Surviving a mile at a time...Friday: 5.5 + 10 miles Saturday: 18 miles


AM; 5.5 miles, easy pace.  Felt decent.

PM: 10 miles, 1:09:09 overall, 6:55/mile pace.  I gave myself a rather hilly course to run.  I could certainly feel it in my legs, but I was still able to maintain my usual too fast for an easy run pace without any extra perceived  effort.

Saturday: 35-37 degree temperatures with a light but steady rain.  Ran 18 miles untimed through Baltimore at a couple of different paces ranging from easy to moderate as I did different portions with different people.  I was feeling it pretty badly early on but after about 10 miles, the pain just melted away and I finished quite strong.

Of course afterward both my knees were sore thanks to the cold rain.  My left knee is still a bit tight and my left groin/hip area is a bit sore.  Cold rain just does a number on me, so I think I'm fine.  Walking around feels better than sitting around.

Should be all ready for that 5K tomorrow!  It's supposed to be 40 degrees at the start, so I can't wait.

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