Saturday, March 12, 2011

Path Forward

After no run Wednesday afternoon or Thursday, and a very light 3 mile run Friday, I don't think my left ankle is where I would like it to be.  My right is now fine and all the extra pain I had been feeling in my left is also gone.  However, the original pain on the inside is still present.

For the most part, I do not feel it walking around during the day.  I can cause discomfort by squatting down and then standing back up (which I actually do relatively frequently at work).  If I hop on my left leg, I can also feel jolts of pain in the same area.  The right leg is fine.

I could feel the ankle on that 3 mile run, but the pace was too slow for me to really evaluate how it felt.  I'm taking today off too, though I still showed up to the group I run Saturday mornings with.  It was difficult to stay back when everyone ran off, and more difficult to have to explain myself!  Everyone was saying that they have never seen me not run.

Tomorrow will be a good test as I am still running in a 5K race tomorrow.  I'll be racing just as I would any other 5K.  I'll be able to temporarily ignore any pain and force myself not to compensate.  I have real talent at ignoring pain on race day (which is why I have to keep myself on a tight leash when problems arise!).

Depending on how I feel during and after the race will determine my path going forward.  Boston still is the primary goal.

I'm beginning to see why there are so few people that run marathons in the 2:20 and 2:30 range, the journey is filled with peril.

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  1. At least you're being smart about everything and stopped early enough before a little issue became a season-ruining one. Back in October/November I had this weird right ankle tendon something-or-other issue. Bothered me for a few weeks. Then one morning I raced a 5k and voila! It went away for good. Go figure. Hopefully tomorrow goes real well for you, maybe I'll see you at the finish line about a minute later!