Monday, April 18, 2011

And so Monday comes to Pass, and the Sun still Rises

Now that today is over, I can finally just forget about this last month.  It's kind of funny that I have yet to run since turning 25.  Regardless, I heard those who ran Boston had awesome weather and took advantage.  That is great to hear.  I feel somewhat relieved that today is finally over.  Until this afternoon, I could still feel the sting of missing my goal that I've already waited so long for.

It's time to look to the future now.  The future will become clearer on Wednesday.  I can already do all kinds of stuff on my bad leg without feeling any pain, all I need now is the blessing of my now trusted medical professional.  I fully intend to come back strong this fall, most likely at the Philadelphia Marathon.  By this time next year, I want to be a mid-2:30s marathoner, and see no reason why that would not be possible.

I got greedy this year and paid for it.  That won't happen again.  Being slightly more conservative in my training approach and possibly taking a few days here and there is better than what I've experienced this last 6 weeks and ultimately, make for a better runner.  Uninterrupted, consistent, and steady training got me to where I am today and will get me to where I want to be.  I know my limit now and will be setting steadfast training rules which I will only challenge when I truly believe I can handle more.  When in doubt, I will more likely stay at a level I know I can handle.

70 miles or less a week with 7 days of running and about 10 total runs, with 1-2 workouts a week and roughly two races a month week in and week out was sustainable indefinitely.  75-85 (up to the high 90s) for 4-5 weeks straight was ultimately, unsustainable.

Once I'm back 100%, meaning 50-60 mile weeks are cake walks, I will make sure that I run no more than 2 consecutive weeks above 75 miles.  That third week will be a step down of roughly 20%.  Additionally, once above 75 miles per week, I will run no more than 2 weeks without a day off, less than that if I honestly need it.  In February, I was so worried about missing one run and slowing my progress that I obviously completely blew up and missed a whole month!  It is just NOT WORTH IT.  A couple of days easy/off here and there, a couple of easy weeks once in a while are what will keep me healthy.  I cannot let this happen to me again!

The sun rose today even though I didn't run Boston, and I'm willing to bet everything to my name that it will rise again tomorrow.  It's time to look forward.


  1. The Philadelphia Marathon will be a great comeback race! Great course, perfect time of year to race plus a good crowd. I'll most likely be there doing the half. If I'm lucky, I'll finish my half before you finish your full :)

  2. I've heard nothing but good things about Philly (including your own race recaps). It's about time I get that one done.