Friday, September 30, 2011

Light week...much needed

Mileage has been light this week as per my plans.  That killer workout on Tuesday made this a little bit less of a step back week as far as intensity goes, but mileage is still in check.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: roughly 10 miles total, see 6 X Wow post

Wednesday: AM: 4 miles,
                     PM: 8 miles

Thursday: AM: 5 miles

Friday: AM: 9 miles

I'm about to go on a 60 easy bike ride, sadly my first of the week.  I just did not quite have the time the rest of the week thanks to the shorter days, my need to rest my left quad Monday (its all better now), and the fact that I had to go to Cleveland and back on Thursday for work.

This weekend is going to be "interesting."  At the last possible moment, I got convinced to fly up to New Hampshire to run in a half marathon.  This is more just to experience fall up there and see a couple of friends.  I also have some airfare credit up for expiration from missed races this Spring, so I figured, what the heck.  Now as it turns out, I may very well be that out of state jack ass runner that comes in and sandbags the shit out of this race.  There is a cash prize for the winner, yet the winning time last year was a 1:28.  I'm planning on just cruising at marathon pace unless someone decides to make a race out of it.  For now, this will just be a glorified workout.

Sunday, I'm running the half marathon leg of a "half" triathlon.  I was originally supposed to do the bike leg, but they needed runners, so I decided to be a good sport.  The race is free for me and I get a triathlon top which I desperately need since I only have one.  I will DEFINITELY not race this one and just do it for the miles.

So although it may appear I have two races this weekend, in actuality, they are just awesome runs, one of which I may score a pay day for.  I'm excited!


  1. Smuttynose? Dude, just go win the damn thing!

  2. Have a good "workout" this weekend! I recently became a believer in the down week, and low and behold, it made me faster and happier all around...

  3. Mark...this one was in Bristol, NH, the "New Hampshire Marathon." Though the one you mentioned, which looks larger and flatter would probably be equally as interesting. Hampton is certainly a little different since it is on the coast.

    I actually like inland NH better, even if the hills make running hurt more.