Monday, October 10, 2011

Back Into the Swing of It? Probably

No run today, but I did go for a hard 31 mile bike ride.  It was basically an interval workout, which is rather interesting on a bike.  I've got a course that has a bunch of challenging hills and a couple of flat sections perfect for sprinting.  The entire loop is 35 miles; I've been slowly working my up from 24, adding another section on each time.

With the sun going down sooner during the week, I can't ride as far but I can certainly ride harder with the time I do have.  Once winter rolls around, I've got a rather ambitious idea to keep my riding up at least a couple of times during the week (assuming it is not icy out), but it requires another bike so it may be a pipe dream for now.

Regardless, I sprinted twice, each time for somewhere near 1.5 miles.  It's certainly a struggle to hold the harder effort, but I'm slowly inching my way further along before fading.  The first section which is truly flat, I managed to top out at 27-28mph, but slowed to about 24 by the end.  For the second section, it goes up and down ever so slightly.  On the uphill section, I topped out at 27.  With the gravity assist, I got to 32-33 mph and managed to hold upper 20s to near 30mph all the way through to the finish of that section.  This particular stretch of road has a speed limit of 35mph, so riding with the cars makes it exciting.  All of this was in drop bars, no aero position since its practice for group rides when they start again!

There are also two big hills and then a bunch of rolling hills the rest of the way.  The big one of them all, Ilchester road always does a number on me.  I certainly needed a breather at the top, but all in all, it was a successful ride.

Most importantly, my leg feels nearly 100%.  I've kept heat on it most of the day and though it is still slightly tighter than my right leg, if it could survive that ride, than it is certainly good to go.  Time for a running double tomorrow.  Rain on Wednesday will prevent me from riding unless the weather changes, so Thursday will probably be my next chance on the bike.  So, more running it is!

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