Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am not a slave to my training schedule...I am not a slave to....

I had a pretty solid workout tonight, the perfect workout to compliment a good weekend.

2 mile warmup, followed by a 1600meter right around 5K pace, followed by a 3200m at tempo pace, then another 1600meter with whatever was left.  Rest was a real slow 400m jog.  Certainly easier than last week, but hard enough to make you work to get it done.

5:16 for the first mile
11:19 for the 2 miles
5:06 for the last mile

I was chasing someone for the 5:06, but regardless, it felt surprisingly "right."  I didn't feel like I was murdering myself to hold that pace which shocked me.

Unfortunately, despite taking Monday off completely, and not running this morning, my left leg is still not very happy with me.  It is definitely muscular.  My glutes are fine now since I haven't been sitting on my ass driving or flying so I am hoping that with a couple of days off from running that my leg will get better.

I certainly will not make the same mistake of trying to run through recurring nagging pain.  A few days off won't do anything to my running, but another two months off would be unthinkable.  I've got something real, real good going for me right now and I won't ruin it!  Training is a means to an end, and not something that should get in the way of what matters...the times....

I'll take the bike for a spin Wednesday afternoon and see if my leg approves of that activity instead.  I hope it does, because the weather is supposed to be awesome the rest of the week, and I could use some bike miles with only one ride last week.

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