Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2012 Races, January-June

Normally, Tuesday nights would mean track work at Gilman, but not today after opting for one more week of mental and perhaps some physical recovery.  My Saturday race/Sunday long run left my legs rather trashed Monday.  Though we did a decently paced 6 miler that felt good aerobically, my legs and particularly my right hip were none too pleased with me.  Since I've had nothing but left leg problems for a while, it was nice to have the other leg hurt for a change.  After 27 total miles of bike riding today though, I feel much, much better.

So instead of running fast in a workout, I'll dream of running fast in races to come!  As I have eluded to earlier, I am rewriting my entire approach to running.  This includes training, racing, and volunteering.  Everything is being turned upside down in an attempt to maximize my chances of getting faster.  I can see that it will be exponentially harder to get to the next level, but if I did it once in 2010, I can do it again this time around.  I just won't be expecting anymore 10 minute half marathon PRs (if only it were that easy)!

So, from the racing perspective, I will be committing to significantly fewer races.  Not only that, but all races have been carefully selected and planned such that:

a) they fit into my training schedule and I can actually ease off the week of the race (except for one 5k)
b) as much as possible, they are spread out, and there are never more than 2 in a month (I can go back-to-back if one race is a 5k)
c) where possible, I will only run in races that have a high probability of strong competition

To that end, there are a lot of races I have done historically that I will not make an appearance at.  I won't run nearly as many BRRC races this year as the competition just isn't there (including their GPS series).  Though I may be available to cheer for Back on My Feet runners at their occasional race, more often than not, I will not be doing races that they go to.

Ultimately, I'm throwing my name into races to race.  Obviously, not every race will be an "A" level goal race, but I intend for each one to be a real effort.  By limiting it, hopefully I won't burn out mentally and physically as I seem to have done at the end of the fall season this year.  I can also focus more on training too.

With that, here is the list.  I have yet to sign up for any duathlons, as I'm waiting to see if the powers that be will grant me a professional license.  If they don't, I'll take a good shot at qualifying at my first duathlon of the year.

1/1/2012- Resolution Run 5K, Patterson Park, Baltimore

1/7/2012- BRRC Frozen Fingers 5 Miler, Lake Montebello, Baltimore

2/5/2012- Chilly Willy Duathlon, 5K run 10 mile bike 5K run, St. Petersburg, FL

~2/25/2012- 10 Mile Club Challenge, Howard County, MD (get some!!!)

3/11/2012 - Shamrock 5K, Baltimore, MD
3/17/2012- National Half Marathon Washington DC


4/16/2012-Boston Marathon
4/28/2012- USAT Duathlon Age Group National Championships, 5k run, 35k bike, 5k run Tuscon, AZ

5/12/2012- Cascade Lake Duathlon, 1.86 mile run, 15 mile bike, 3.1 mile run Hampstead, MD

6/3/2012- Blackwater Duathlon, 10K run, 70K bike, 10K run, Cambridge, MD
6/16/2012-Baltimore 10 Miler (possibly as a pacer, undecided)

2012 is right around the corner!

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