Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finally Winter, at least for a few days (1/16-1/22)

Weekends like this past one always make me think I should move to a more mild climate.  I absolutely despise snow.  Snow causes the following, none of which are favorable:

-Slippery running conditions, ice covered tracks, snow covered trails
-Snow on my car that I have to clean off
-High chance of accidents since no one can drive in snow
-Even if I do get a day off of work, we just work twice as hard later to catch up

Basically, snow sucks.  I have no problem with freezing cold temperatures, but that fluffy stuff and the ice that comes with it...UGH!  But anyway, the snow is all gone now thanks to warmer temperatures and some rain.

AM: 5 miles, easy
PM: 6 miles, moderate

No work thanks to MLK day.  When I don't have work on a weekday and run twice, it lets me pretend just for a moment that I'm a professional runner.  Unfortunately, that dream generally ends quickly once work starts up again...

10 miles total with 5 @ tempo pace.  I did this one on the track, with the benefit of running with others (makes it a little less painful): 5:49, 5:42, 5:42, 5:41, 5:40.  Overall, pretty solid, and I felt pretty good with that one.


AM: 5 miles, easy
PM: 7 miles, easy

AM: 4 miles, easy
PM: 7 miles, easy

Snow conspired against me on this one.  All I could manage was a 16 mile fartlek run.  If it was slippery, I ran slow.  If I was sure footed, I ran fast.  I kept this one in Baltimore City and made sure to hit a couple tough hills for good measure.  Overall, I still came in around 2 hours which is decent considering the conditions.

Again, I was conspired against, this time by work.  I was supposed to get out on the course of an upcoming important race (10 mile club challenge) with the new team I'm running with.  But, my job had better plans.  Of course, we ended up causing a few thousand dollars (possibly higher than that) worth of damage to our most important piece of equipment and didn't even accomplish what we were supposed to do.  Sundays have not fared well at my company; maybe one of these days we'll plan that a bit better...

I still got in 6 miles at night, and almost busted my face on some ice.

Overall, 66 miles

That 16 miler seems to have done a number on my legs.  My left ankle a few days later is still barking a bit, my shins are not happy, and I'm a bit sore in general.  It is trending better though, so I'm not really concerned.

Thus far, this week is going better.  But more info on that is to follow!

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  1. Looks like a nice week. I feel ya on the work vs. training factor.

    Even though Texas is rather hot, I rarely ever have to remove ice off of anything. I guess each region has it's pros and cons!