Monday, March 12, 2012

3/5-3/12: Catching Fire Now

If I was a little off for Club Challenge, I'm certainly on now.  This was my biggest week in over a year and I largely handled it well.  The underlying slight soreness that accompanies a lot of running was still there, but it was very manageable.

Monday: 11 miles total, to and from Fed Hill along with the usual Monday night run.  It was mostly easy, until we neared the end.  Felt reasonable.

Tuesday: 9.5 miles total with 5x 800...400.  Rather than do something in the tempo/longer range, I opted for a second week of faster stuff so my legs would remember what you are supposed to do in a 5K.  Overall, it went well:
2:33...68; 2:30...69; 2:28...69; 2:27...69; 2:27...66

The first 800 was slow, but it was tough to get a feel for it at first.

Wednesday: 15 miles total, mostly easy, a good chunk with the Wednesday night crew.  At one point, there were three prospective Boston runners running together through Canton, wondering what bib numbers we would get and how competitive the field would be with the new rolling registration.  Such running nerds...

Thursday AM: 7 miles, easy.  I felt somewhat dehydrated after the Wednesday run, and it continued into this run.  My electrolytes must have been out of whack, because my body didn't want to have anything to do with water.  After putting salt on everything I ate that day and actually drinking gatorade (rarity), I felt much better for the afternoon run.

                 PM: 7 miles, moderate-ish; the usual Thursday night run with Dave.  He may be in his 40s, but he is quick.

Friday: AM: 4 miles, real easy with the BoMF crew
             PM: 7 miles, easy

Saturday: 22 miles at 6:50 average.  I kept this one under control, with my fastest mile being a 6:35 and running a 2:30:15 overall.  I wanted to save it for the race the next day, and actually get a long run in that was near the time I expect to be on my feet at Boston.  Now when I see 2:30 on my watch in the race, it should be easier to pull out only another 10 minutes or so

Sunday: 12 miles total with the Shamrock 5K.  I actually ended up doing a bit more than I had planned, but it was fun to cool down through the city with some of the Falls Road and GRC guys that had just torn up the race.

Total: 94.5 miles

Now for this week, I'm taking it easy on the volume, dialing it down to the mid to high 60s.  I know I can use the break, and I'm hoping it will freshen my legs up for the "National" Half Marathon this weekend.  I'm not yet ready to try for a PR attempt, but hopefully my legs will be more cooperative come race morning.

Closing in!


  1. You're definitely starting to roll at just the right time. You've got what, a month until Boston now? Your Shamrock race was awesome, part of me wishes I could have run it.

    I'm glad you continue to call it the National marathon. Despite the Walmart-ization of races all over the country, it will always be the National Marathon to me

    1. 1 month to go for sure.

      My first marathon was National, so it will also be called the "National" marathon and half marathon, no matter how some huge conglomerate racing company rebrands it!

  2. You beat me this week. I only did 84. And I didn't do a long run the day before the race! Nicely done.