Sunday, April 22, 2012

Now What?

Despite only "running" "16 miles" on Monday at Boston, I was pretty sore for the next couple of days.  I guess that race really did a number on me.  Since I'm not in any rush right now to be in shape, and had to spend two days in New Jersey for work, I decided to just take it easy. this week  One easy run followed Boston, on Friday, a 3 miler.

I kicked off Saturday by taking my bike back out on the road and doing 30 miles at an easy pace, but with some rolling hills mixed in.  I didn't feel like driving anywhere and just rode northbound from my apartment.  Anyone who knows Baltimore knows that North = uphill.  By the end, I felt as I expected, just slightly sore from not being on a bike in a while, but not overly so.

Running miles for the week: 19
Cycling miles: 30

Now what?  Well, that's a pretty good question.  As far as racing and/or pacing, here is what's to come:
Apr 28th: Pacing for 3:10 at the Kentucky Derby Marathon.  Considering I didn't actually finish Boston, and 7:15 is a pretty chill pace, I'm banking on this just being a laid back experience.  Plus, I could use a completed marathon for the Spring...

May 6th: Pacing for 1:40 at the Fredrick Half Marathon.  Note, a slower per mile pace than Kentucky.  This should also be easy money, and just a way to kick back and get some easy miles in.

May 12th: Cascade Lake Duathlon.  It's somewhat short, there is a 5K run at the end, and the bike course is hilly.  I figure I may as well do at least 1 this year, and might as well pick one that plays a bit to my strengths (hills on the bike and a reasonably long second run).  Plus, it gives me some motivation to get some bike miles in.

Beyond.......I'm signed up for the Baltimore 10 Miler if only because I've done this race each year since its inception.  That wasn't very long ago, this will be year 5, but I'm not about to break that streak now.

Beyond that..................??

I have thoughts and dreams, a few ideas for training schedules, and some ideas for races.  But right now, I've got nothing set in stone.  I'll have a better idea in the first weekend in May exactly what it is I want to do.  Here is what I do know:

-The marathon has not been kind to me, but sooner or later, it has to come together

-My most recent time is "only" a 3:02, which gives me last choice for Boston 2013 or 2014

-Despite some struggles of late, I'm still riding a wave of PRs and overall solid performances from Mid/Late July on (definitely excluding marathons)

-I need to learn to stay in control when I start to peak, feel strong, etc.  I seem to be very good at running myself into the ground.  Once I get a good streak going, I always end up piling on too much and paying, one way or the other.  The one time I got it right, I blew away my marathon PR and went from a 3:09 to a 2:44  I've gotta learn to keep myself in line!

So, stay tuned.  A plan will materialize soon.  But for now, I'm taking the next couple of weeks to not worry about PRs, racing, mileage, or any of that, just getting others to their goals, getting some bike time in, and letting myself recover.

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