Monday, May 28, 2012

Grind those Gears

Enter week 2 of whatever it is I'm doing.  We'll call it biding time.  I ran once this week, 4 miles, real, real easy.  My pesky right leg is showing absolutely no signs of trouble.  I can't "find pain" by pressing on it, and that short run didn't do anything to aggravate it.  Nonetheless, I'm going for another week off from running.

In the meantime, my cycling muscles have been getting some work in:

Tuesday: Hilly 24 on the AFC B course.  I feel like I'm just about ready to actually join their group rides again.

Wednesday: 13 miles total, commuting to and from work

Thursday: 30 miles mostly flat, easy-ish pace, but it felt really, really good

Friday: Run: 4 miles, extremely easy

Sunday: 51 miles, mix of hills, mostly easy.  This was a real, real hot one.  I was out early to watch a race going on in downtown Baltimore, meaning my ride would not start until midday, with temperatures forecast in the high 80s, and an air quality alert, I knew I was in for one.  I ended up riding with one other guy that I train with on and off, and for the most part, survived.  My legs were fine, but I was dehydrated, hungry, and had trouble breathing by the end.  It didn't help one of my water bottles popped out of its cage and fell down a ravine 20 miles into the ride.  But, it certainly helped with the heat acclimation process.

Cycling total: 118 miles
Running total: 4 miles

Next week, long ride is going to be 60 and I'm adding a 4th ride to the mix.  I may get another really easy run in, but no legitimate testing will occur until at least the following week.

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  1. As I've alluded to in my blog, cycling and running have become the best of friends. I want to look up some studies on how it changes mechanics and posture, not to mention turnover and reduced overstriding.

    Nerdy- huh?! Hope the leg heals quickly and enjoy getting the XT in in the meantime on the sweet Cannondale.